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Provider enrollment and credentialing are the backbones of every healthcare practice. To sustain a constant supply of referrals as a provider, you must be enrolled with commercial and government insurance companies or funders. and accounts receivables.

Credentialing is the complex process by which a provider’s background, education, identity, residency, licensing, and other criteria are verified. Provider enrollment is the process of requesting enrollment with commercial payors, Medicare, and/or Medicaid.

Credentials in Medical Billing - Astronehs

Are you establishing a new practice? Are you affiliating with or joining a new group of practitioners? Do you want to enrol with new payors? Is a new physician joining your practice?

Well, these are instances of why you may need regular provider enrollment and credentialing services. It can prove beneficial to outsource such services to a medical billing company to ensure they are done on time and updated.

Silent Features of the Process

  • Filling out the necessary application forms and compiling the required documents and certificates
  • Submitting accurately filled forms and certificates to payors for faster approvals
  • Taking care of all enrollment and credentialing formalities that are specific to each payor you want to enrol with.
  • Verification of records and certificates
  • Maintaining every record necessary for the process
  • Keeping track of registrations that are soon to expire such as NYS, MA, DEAs and CLIA.
  • Handling and monitoring re-applications of the same
  • Processing re-credentialing whenever necessary and updating the system

Key Benefits of Efficient Enrollment & Credentialing for a Medical/Dental Practice

  1. Faster credentialing will assist in faster enrollment with payors resulting in a steep reduction in AR delays.
  2. Reduction in claim denials will give way to smooth cash flow and a financially healthy practice that is able to grow and profit.
  3. The provider will gain more patient referrals from the network.
  4. Improves turnaround time to within 60 days of submission of claims.
  5. Compliance with insurance payors avoids legal hassles and yields a more efficient revenue management cycle.
  6. Avoids wasting staff time in follow-ups for delayed AR.
  7. Clients who’ve had care through payors in which you’re enrolled are instantly notified, which increases earnings.
  8. Increases customer satisfaction and goodwill due to a hassle-free process. The practice earns great reviews both online and through word-of-mouth.

3 Mistakes to Avoid

Inaccuracy in filling out the information

When the process is already lengthy, every error can increase the timeline and delay much-needed enrollment. Even simple mistakes in information such as practice address or failure to sign the forms can cause significant delays and major mistakes can be grounds for denial.

Delay in starting the process

It is advisable to start the credentialing and enrollment process at least 90 days prior to the opening of a new practice. Even if you’re joining an existing practice, you must start the procedure well ahead of time. for ensuring accuracy and regular follow-ups.

Lack of follow-up with payors

Credentialing process is not only lengthy but can take months to process for many practices. Ensure regular contact with the payors and stay up to date on application status to shorten the wait time.

Astron EHS – Provider Enrollment & Credentialing Services Company

As professionals who manage Medical and Dental Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) every day, we understand how time-consuming, complex, and annoying the processes for provider enrollment and credentialing are. Especially if you are working as a team of physicians, it is required to submit and monitor multiple applications and handle the overwhelming paperwork on time and with accuracy.

At Astron EHS, we have the expertise to handle each of these tasks for you so you may focus on more important areas of your practice.

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