Astron EHS Claim Submission Service – Improve Cash Flow.

Receive Timely Collection resulting in Healthy Revenue Cycle.

Increase your claim submission rate by Astron EHS by reducing overhead, saving money, and maximizing the Healthcare practice revenue. We take your and your staff’s burden off and allow you to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

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Claim Submission Services We Offer

Astron EHS has been serving the healthcare industry for decades and has the experience to meet all providers of different Industries. We have a high-level percentage of claim submissions that get paid successfully at the first submission. Our experienced Team Offers the following steps to achieve Clean Claim Submission Service.

Patients info

Updated Patients Information

The very first step is to ensure updated patient information as we understand the importance of the patient’s demographic information, so our team updates all the patient’s records and delivers accurate and updated information. We stay updated with information such as Insurance policy data, medical information, patient demographic, etc.

collecting receipts

Collecting Receipts

We obtain an invoice from the healthcare providers listing all the treatments they provide to patients along with the cost and relevant code of the treatment provided. Astron EHS team will assist you in collecting all the required documentation, which will lead you to maximize Cash flow and fewer claim denials.

verify eligibility

Verify patients eligibility

Our Eligibility verification team helps healthcare practise to maintain the effectiveness of cash flow by improving patients care and decreasing write off with better claim submissions and fewer denials. We verify all the information through co-pays, policy effective dates, deductibles, etc.

manage pre authorization

Manage pre-authorization needs

We believe in Prior authorization-related denials ensuring reduced claim denials and improved cash flow. Our team accurately captures pre-authorisation information and allows us to timely measure the denials for No-Authorization. Also, all the patient’s information is verified, like which procedure is covered under the patient’s plan and which requires prior authorization.

coding regulation

Updated with coding regulation

Insurance claims denials and claim rejections are seen mainly because the practice is aware of changes in coding. Our Team stay updated with the changes in coding regulations and guidelines and ensure your claim is coded correctly before the submission. To verify the code compatibility, we verify all the information, including ICD & CPT compatibility.

quality check

Quality Check

We always perform Quality checks to ensure the clean submission of the claim in the billing process. The document information we verify includes demographic errors, coding errors, and other errors during the submission process.

maintain documentation

Maintain documentation

We believe that well-maintained document records can facilitate effective RCM and reduce hassles related to the claim to process and ensure reimbursement. Our experts say that proper reimbursement depends on the documentation. So for proper documentation, we verify the patient’s medication history, Procedure Documentation, and other medical documentation for quick claim processing.

filling form

Filling Claim form

The details mentioned are related to the patient’s illness and the service provided. It also determined that the expenses are claimed under the treatment you provided and the client’s insurance plan. Our team can help you to fill the claims under the following details: Personal information. Insurance policy code and group number. Reason to visit. Name and address of the provider. Expenses detail if the patient has already paid.

review claim

Reviewing & Submitting claims

After all the claims details are sorted, our team will take the backup of all your document and then thoroughly review all the documents and make necessary corrections. We also check if they have any additional documents that will be needed according to the treatment. When all the claims are completed with all the required documents, we submit the claim form to the insurance provider.

Why choose AstronEHS For Claim Submission

Astron EHS Medical Claim Service will help you to avail a series of benefits, such as low costs and increased revenues, as we follow the specified claim submission guidelines of the industry to ensure a smooth and hassle-free claim submission process.


Reasonable Prices

We provide the most significant results at very competitive pricing and assist our clients in lowering their total costs.

latest billing software

Latest Medical Billing Software Utilization

Our staff is knowledgeable and using some of the most recent medical billing and coding tools.

compliance with Hipaa

Compliance with HIPAA

Our procedures are entirely compatible with HIPAA regulations and industry standards, guaranteeing that all supplied results are of the highest calibre.

medical data

Security of Medical Data

We have confidentiality agreements and data security protocols to guarantee that all patient data is secure.

submission claim

Submission of High Accuracy Claims

With a high accuracy record of roughly 98%, our team at Flatworld Solutions makes sure to give the best results.

advanced infrastructure

Advanced Infrastructure

We have access to some of the most cutting-edge infrastructure, which enables us to provide our clients across the globe with highly effective services.

Benefits of Astron EHS Claim Submission

The process of submitting claims is essential to the healthcare sector and has numerous advantages for individuals, insurance companies, and healthcare providers. The following are some major benefits of timely and accurate claim submission:

1. Faster Reimbursement

One of the main advantages of filing a claim is that healthcare services rendered by medical experts will be promptly reimbursed. As a result of insurance companies processing claim submissions more quickly, healthcare providers are paid more quickly.

faster reimbursement in medical billing

2. Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

The process of revenue cycle management includes the submission of claims. Effective claim filing guarantees that all relevant steps—from rendering services to getting payment—are promptly done, maximizing revenue production.

enhanced medical RCM

3. Reduced Billing Errors

When claims are submitted accurately, billing errors are less likely to occur. Claims that are properly coded and documented are more likely to be handled quickly and without rejection. This reduces the necessity for submission revisions and speeds up the payment procedure.

reduced billing errors

4. Enhanced Data Management

The documentation of patient data, services rendered, and coding details must be complete and precise before a claim can be submitted. This guarantees that vital patient data is kept up to date, improving patient care and facilitating efficient healthcare administration.

enhanced data management

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deal with claim denials or rejections?

In the sad event that a claim is denied or rejected, we have a specialized team of professionals that investigate the circumstances surrounding the denial. Then, in order to optimize reimbursement, we carefully collaborate with you to find solutions and resubmit the claim with the appropriate modifications.

Can I follow the progress of my submitted claims?

You can track the progress of your submitted claims using the real-time tracking mechanism offered by our service. Through our intuitive interface, you can simply access updates and monitor the status of any claim.

How do you help to optimize revenue cycles with your service?

Using our Claim Submission Service, you can speed up reimbursement timelines, reduce claim denials, and streamline the claims process. This results in quicker revenue cycles, better cash flow, and more cost-effective medical practice.

Is your service compatible with my current EHR or billing software?

Yes, our claim submission service is made to interact with different billing and EHR systems smoothly. Our team will collaborate with your IT department or vendor to establish a seamless integration procedure.

How much does your Claim Submission Service cost?

Our pricing is customized to fit your practice’s particular needs. We provide flexible and open pricing structures. For a customized price and to discuss your needs, please contact our sales team.

Tools Softwares We work on

We use advanced tools and software created specifically for dentistry businesses to improve revenue and streamline your billing process. We guarantee seamless and accurate claims submission, insurance verification, and payment processing by utilizing cutting-edge billing and coding tools and industry-leading dental practice management software. Your dental practice's efficiency and financial performance will increase thanks to our knowledge and technology.

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Our Comparisson

We advise assessing your precise needs, doing extensive research, and potentially even testing demonstrations or trial versions to determine which billing solution best corresponds with your company's aims and objectives. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further details or clarifications along this process. We are here to help you at every stage!

Benefits Others
1. Service We provide people with a simple way to submit claims online using our user-friendly platform. It supports various claim types, including reimbursement, insurance, and medical claims.
2. Processing claims quickly and effectively, with less manual paperwork and more time saved. Provide users with real-time status updates on submitted claims so they may follow their progress.
3. Effortless interface with widely used healthcare and insurance systems, ensuring efficient data transfer.
4. To protect sensitive medical or consumer information, use strong data encryption and follow industry regulations.
5. 24/7 customer support and aid in filing claims and resolving problems.

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