Astron EHS Payment Posting Service – Maximize Revenue and Optimize Cash Flow.

We at Astron EHS know the critical role of effective payment posting in the financial stability of healthcare providers, medical billing companies, and other businesses in the healthcare sector. Our payment posting service aims to simplify the complete process of recording and reconciling payments while maintaining accuracy, promptness, and optimum revenue optimization.

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Payment Posting Services We Offer

We provide comprehensive solutions to effectively manage and record all payment transactions for healthcare providers, medical billing businesses, and other organisations as a provider of payment posting services. Our payment posting services speed up the revenue cycle and guarantee prompt and accurate payment processing.

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Timely and Accurate Posting

Posting payments received from various sources, including insurance companies, patients, and other payers, as quickly and accurately as possible is a priority for us. All prices are accurately recorded in the relevant patient accounts, thanks to the expertise of our team.

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Multiple Payment Sources

We handle payments from a variety of sources, including cheques, credit card payments, electronic remittance advice (ERA), Explanations of Benefits (EOB), and electronic funds transfers (EFT).

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Claim Reconciliation

Our staff compares payments with the relevant claims to ensure that the correct amount has been received. This aids in finding any discrepancies and swiftly addresses underpayments or overpayments.

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Handling of Denial and Underpayment

We actively look for refused or underpaid claims during the payment posting process. We minimise income leakage and maximise client compensation by swiftly resolving these problems.

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Automated Posting and EFT Processing

We automate the payment posting process using cutting-edge software and technology whenever possible. This boosts productivity and lowers the possibility of human error.

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Patient Payment Posting

In addition to accurately posting insurance payments to patients’ accounts, we do the same for patient payments. Our team accurately documents co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket patient costs.

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Secure Payment Handling

We place a high priority on data security and strictly follow HIPAA compliance requirements. Our safe systems guarantee the confidentiality of patient data and safeguard crucial payment information.

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Customised Reporting

To help our clients better understand their financial performance, we offer them thorough, personalised payment posting reports. These reports assist in monitoring, examining, and identifying areas for improvement in payment trends.

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Follow-up on Exceptions

Our staff follows up on any payment exceptions or inconsistencies, including misidentified or incorrectly distributed funds. To address unresolved payment concerns, we follow up with payers and patients in a proactive manner.

Why choose AstronEHS For Payment Posting Service

There are several benefits to using our business for payment posting services, which sets us apart from other service providers. Here are some strong arguments in favour of selecting us to meet your demands for payment posting:


Expertise and Experience

Our staff is made up of individuals with extensive payment posting experience who are knowledgeable about the nuances of healthcare revenue management. Our extensive industry knowledge and skills enable us to manage different payment sources precisely and effectively.


Accuracy and Timeliness

When posting payments, we place a high priority on correctness and promptness. We minimize errors and lower the possibility of payment delays with our systematic approach and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that all payments are posted promptly and precisely.

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Technology-Driven Solutions

To simplify the process, we use cutting-edge payment posting software and technology. As a result, we can automate repetitive procedures, work more effectively, and offer real-time payment status notifications.

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Claim Reconciliation and Denial Management

Our staff thoroughly reconciles claims to find discrepancies or denials, aligning payments with corresponding claims. In order to ensure that your business receives the maximum compensation, we proactively resolve denials and underpayments.

detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

We offer in-depth payment posting data and analytics that give you insightful information about the health of your finances. With these reports, you can track payment trends, spot patterns, and make wise business conclusions.

supportive team

Supportive Team

Our team is dedicated to offering top-notch customer assistance. We are always ready to answer your questions, offer support, and provide rapid attention to any problems that may occur.

Benefits of Astron EHS Payment Posting Service

Healthcare providers, medical billing businesses, and other entities engaged in healthcare revenue management can profit significantly from payment posting services. By expediting payment procedures, enhancing cash flow, maximizing revenue, and providing a more specialized approach to patient care, payment posting services, in conclusion, offer considerable advantages to healthcare providers. The following four benefits of employing payment posting services are highlighted:

1. Efficiency and Accuracy

Payment posting services simplify the labour-intensive process of logging and tying payments from numerous payers, including insurance companies, patients, and others. These services guarantee the accurate posting of payments, eliminating errors and preventing potential revenue leakage thanks to skilled people and cutting-edge technology.

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2. Timely Reimbursement

Faster reimbursement for healthcare providers results from accurate and timely payment posting. Payment posting services speed up revenue cycles by quickly processing payments, enhancing cash flow, and enabling healthcare companies to meet their financial responsibilities promptly.

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3. Claim Reconciliation and Denial Management

Payment posting services do thorough claim reconciliation, matching payments with related claims. This is known as claim reconciliation and denial management. This makes it easier to spot denials, underpayments, or errors so they can be quickly resolved. Payment posting services maximize reimbursement and boost overall revenue by proactively handling claim denials and underpayments.


4. Concentration on Core Activities

By outsourcing payment posting, healthcare providers may concentrate on their core activities, such as providing high-quality patient care. Healthcare businesses can improve operational efficiency and focus resources on areas that directly affect patient outcomes and satisfaction by giving the time-consuming work of payment posting to devoted experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operation of the Payment Posting Service?

Receiving electronic remittances (EOBs/ERAs) from insurance providers and patient payment data is a part of our payment posting service. Our team then carefully reconciles any disparities after precisely posting the payments in your practice management system and carefully matching these payments to the related claims.

Are you able to manage both patient and insurance payments?

Absolutely! We also manage patient and insurance company payments as part of our payment posting service. We know how crucial it is to post all payments on time and precisely to keep your practice’s finances in good standing.

How do you make sure that payments are posted accurately?

We use a comprehensive verification and reconciliation process to guarantee the correctness of payment posting. Cross-referencing payment information with related claims allows our team to look for underpayments or overpayments, see potential denials, and spot adjustments.

Will I have access to financial analysis and payment reports?

Yes, we routinely offer thorough payment records and financial insights. These reports include data on payment volumes, payer patterns, unpaid balances, and other important financial parameters. We want to keep you informed so you can make wise business decisions.

How soon do payments appear on patients’ accounts?

Our goal is to be as efficient as possible. Thus, we try to post payments as soon as we get the relevant payment data. Our team puts in a lot of effort to ensure that posting occurs on time, lowering the possibility of late reimbursements and enhancing your revenue cycle.

Are you able to post payments for several practice locations?

Yes, we can oversee the posting of payments for several practice sites. Our solution is expandable and flexible enough to accommodate your expanding practice’s needs.

Tools Softwares We work on

We use advanced tools and software created specifically for dentistry businesses to improve revenue and streamline your billing process. We guarantee seamless and accurate claims submission, insurance verification, and payment processing by utilizing cutting-edge billing and coding tools and industry-leading dental practice management software. Your dental practice's efficiency and financial performance will increase thanks to our knowledge and technology.

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Our Comparisson

We advise assessing your precise needs, doing extensive research, and potentially even testing demonstrations or trial versions to determine which billing solution best corresponds with your company's aims and objectives. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further details or clarifications along this process. We are here to help you at every stage!

Benefits Others
1. Our billing service's additional features, like invoicing and collections, are integrated with our payment posting system, expediting the overall financial workflow. The automated and unified procedure is ensured by this integration.
2. We prioritise data security and use strong authentication and encryption procedures to safeguard sensitive financial data. Only authorized individuals have access to your data, which is securely stored.
3. Our billing solution makes the process quick and easy by automatically matching payments to the appropriate invoices. This makes it easier to spot errors and swiftly address payment-related problems.
4. Thanks to our automated payment posting system, payments are processed and posted quickly, frequently in real-time. This speed facilitates speedier financial reporting and improves cash flow.

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