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We make sure your home care business is financially successful.

When it comes to billing and reimbursement, the home health sector has its own unique set of difficulties. The billing process can be quite complicated, involving anything from adhering to complex regulations to managing several payers and tracking claims. Astron EHS’s dedicated team of billing specialists is skilled at navigating the complexity of home health billing and is prepared to do so with accuracy and knowledge.

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Home Health Billing Services We Offer

We take pride to provide thorough and efficient home health billing services designed to satisfy the unique requirements of home health organisations. Our billing specialists are dedicated to accelerating your revenue cycle, maximising reimbursements, and ensuring financial success. We know the particular difficulties and complexities the home health business faces.

claim submission

Accurate Claims Submission

To reduce claim denials and delays, we prioritize accuracy in claims submission. Our team carefully examines every documentation to ensure claims are coded appropriately and adhere to all applicable rules and guidelines.

patient billing

Timely Invoicing and Billing

Our effective billing procedure guarantees that bills are sent to payers and patients on time. We speed up the reimbursement procedure and improve cash flow for your agency by quickly issuing invoices for the services rendered.

revenue cycle

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

We provide end-to-end revenue cycle management services, from claim submission to payment posting. Our comprehensive approach streamlines the entire billing process, freeing you up to concentrate on giving your patients the best possible treatment.

payer credentialing

Assistance with Payer Credentialing

We assist with the payer credentialing procedure, ensuring your agency is correctly enrolled with insurance providers and other payers. This makes the processing of claims and payments more manageable.


Verification of Eligibility and Benefits

We thoroughly verify each patient’s eligibility and benefits to prevent claim rejections and holdups. This enables decision-making by helping to identify any coverage requirements or constraints up front.

denial management

Appeals and Denial Management

Our team actively manages the appeals process if a claim is denied or underpaid. To maximise reimbursement for your organisation, we examine the factors that led to denials, compile the relevant evidence, and pursue appeals.


Compliance & Regulatory Adherence

Our billing specialists keep up with the newest laws and business developments. We guarantee adherence to coding standards, documentation specifications, and other billing-related regulations.

reporting and analysis

Transparent Reporting and Analytics

We offer thorough and personalized billing reports to give you essential information about your agency’s financial performance. These reports assist in monitoring key performance metrics and locating areas for procedure improvement.

compliance with HIPAA

HIPAA Compliant Data Security

Data security that complies with HIPAA regulations is essential to us. Our reliable systems and stringent HIPAA compliance guidelines guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

Why choose AstronEHS For Home Health Billing Service

Our home health care billing solutions, provided by one of the top home health billing firm Astron EHS, are partnered to assist you in overcoming obstacles, enhancing results, and operating more effectively. Simply said, there are various benefits to outsourcing to us.

cost effective


One of the main factors pushing businesses toward outsourcing is cost reduction. You may take advantage of affordable, top-notch home health billing services with our assistance. Several overhead expenses related to having an internal billing team are eliminated by outsourcing. Our clients have saved up to 52% on costs by outsourcing to us.

improved efficiency

Improved Efficiency

We are regarded as a trustworthy partner for outsourcing home health billing services. We have several years of expertise working in the home health sector, offering our partners bespoke business strategies and delivering excellence in challenging outsourcing projects. Due to their broad subject knowledge and industry expertise, our team of professionals can do the work correctly. We put much effort into providing solutions that will simplify your back-office operations, boost productivity, and help you make money.

focus on core

Focus on Core Area

Your primary focus should be taking care of patients. Thus, consider outsourcing any pricey administrative tasks. You can use the time and money you save by outsourcing business procedures to us to provide better patient care. Several issues can develop while balancing patient care and back-office duties, including billing mistakes, missing patient information, and/or giving patients inadequate care. With our assistance, you may strengthen your brand and provide more value to your clients through your services.

qualified resource

Qualified & Skilled Resource

Lack of competent billing professionals and the retirement of your most knowledgeable employees can leave your company understaffed, cause billing deadlines to be missed, and put more strain on current employees. Any personnel you keep must be informed about training, billing, and coding changes. You won’t have to worry about these problems if you outsource to us. We give you access to knowledgeable and seasoned billing personnel who uphold compliance and produce outcomes to guarantee a continuous revenue flow.

improved service

Improved Service

We are aware that creating an efficient and error-free invoicing procedure is a challenging task. We can assist! To ensure that you obtain accurate, high-quality work with a rapid turnaround time, we use our knowledge and experience to develop strategies and offer industry-leading solutions. In a nutshell, we pay you more quickly and effectively.

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

High-quality customer service is crucial for any company; there is no getting around that. By contracting with us to handle your business operations, you may increase overall quality while giving your clients access to services immediately.

Benefits Of Working With Astron EHS

By selecting Astron EHS as your home health billing partner, you can access a group of passionate experts invested in your business’s financial success. Your billing procedures are made as efficient and accurate as possible, thanks to our knowledge, individual approach, open communication, and dedication to compliance.

1. Expertise in Home Health Billing

Our billing specialists have years of expertise and an in-depth understanding of home health billing. We are familiar with the nuances and particular difficulties the sector faces, which enables us to precisely traverse challenging billing rules, codes, and documentation specifications. Your billing procedures will be optimized for optimum reimbursement by utilizing our knowledge.

home health billing expertise

2. Solutions Made for Your Agency

Each home health agency has different needs and workflows, and we know this. Our customized strategy meets your requirements, enabling a seamless connection with your current systems and procedures. We customize our services to match your agency’s specific needs, optimizing your revenue cycle and lowering administrative burdens. This includes everything from eligibility verification through appeals management.

home health billing solutions

3. Timely and Transparent Communication

We support honest and open communication with our clients. Through detailed reporting and analytics, our staff regularly updates clients on the progress of their claims, billing activities, and financial performance. Your agency’s financial situation and the status of each billing cycle will be crystal evident to you if we are your partner.

24x7 communication

4. Data security and compliance assurance

We place a high priority on protecting patient data. The highest level of secrecy and data security is maintained for all sensitive information, thanks to our strict adherence to HIPAA rules. Additionally, our billing methods adhere to coding standards and industry norms, lowering the possibility of compliance problems and enhancing your agency’s standing as a reliable healthcare provider.

hippa compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home health billing, exactly?

Home health billing is submitting and overseeing claims for medical services, such as skilled nursing care, therapy, and medical equipment, that are delivered to patients at home.

What advantages can home health billing outsourcing services offer?

By effectively managing claims, outsourcing home health billing can enhance cash flow, save administrative burden, assure compliance with billing laws, and boost income.

How is the billing procedure for home health services carried out?

Creating and submitting claims to insurance providers or governmental bodies, confirming patient insurance coverage, making payments, and managing claim denials and appeals are all part of the billing process.

Tools Softwares We work on

We use advanced tools and software created specifically for dentistry businesses to improve revenue and streamline your billing process. We guarantee seamless and accurate claims submission, insurance verification, and payment processing by utilizing cutting-edge billing and coding tools and industry-leading dental practice management software. Your dental practice's efficiency and financial performance will increase thanks to our knowledge and technology.

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Our Comparison

We're glad you're here to compare home health billing services. We know the importance of selecting the best billing service for your home health firm to increase income and ensure efficient financial operations.

Benefits Others
1. Reduces manual errors and speeds up reimbursement by providing a fully automated billing procedure from claim submission to payment posting.
2. Focuses on home health billing and has a team of skilled billers familiar with the sector's particular difficulties.
3. Adheres to all applicable industry regulations and meets billing requirements and code changes.
4. Enhances a record of prompt payments and high reimbursement rates from insurance companies and governmental organizations.

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