Eligibility Verification – Make It Accurate And Quick.

Enhance RCM with Astron EHS Eligibility and Benefit Verification Solution.

Looking forward to a new way to revamp your RCM standard to remain competitive, Insurance eligibility verification is the first and one of the key steps in the Billing and coding process. Most claim denials or delays are mainly due to incorrect coverage details provided by the patient. Outsource Insurance verification service to Astron EHS; we have been offering a quick and efficient verification process to boost their efficiency.

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Eligibility Verification Services We Offer

We have been in the Billing & Coding Industry for over the years and have worked with several clients around the globe. We understand the importance of accuracy in verifying insurance claims for the Insurance providers and ensure precise solutions. Astron EHS helps you to make your process simpler and more efficient by decreasing your Insurance denials. As a leading Insurance verification service agency, we follow a systematic approach.

patient registeration

Patients Registration

Our insurance eligibility verification solution starts from the movement of the patients admitted to obtaining any medical treatment. We provide up-to-date insurance verification services that regulate with their norms.

document checking

Document Checking

Our dedicated team takes meticulous care of maintaining a high level of accuracy for the documentation received. The document is analysed and verified according to the list of required documents to ensure that documents are authentical according to the requirements of the insurance agency.

verifying coverage

Verifying Patient’s Insurance Coverage

Our team checked and validated of coverage details of the individual patients. We are one of the most reliable Medical Billing and Coding agency. We check the offline online insurance portals a day before the scheduled patient encounters.

patients follow up

Patient’s Follow up

If required, we contact the patients for a follow-up to seek any missing or incorrect information and get the required authorization as a part of our service procedure check. This process will help you keep track of all the information and cross-verify the details before final submission.

denial re appeal

Insurance denial appeal

We monitor details of co-pay information and look for diagnostic data to show if the procedure is medically necessary. Every denied insurance claim is submitted immediately to reverse the denials and get full reimbursement.

final submission

Final Submission

We offer the client the final results, which include the information on the patient’s eligibility and benefits along with other denials such as group ID, member ID, start and end date of the insurance coverage, etc., to ensure that the insurance coverage is relevant to the facilitates complete claim reimbursement.

process improvements

Identifying process Improvements

Our experts work precisely and identify discrepancies with the data to resolve the problem right from the beginning. We ensure to meet the demands, achieve customer satisfaction and faster turnaround times.

auditing check

Auditing Quality Check

Our Expert team evaluates all the errors and inconsistencies before submitting your claim. We also contact the Insurance agency to obtain approval for an approval request.



We thoroughly follow up on the patient’s account to receive the Claim reimbursement appeals or if any information needs to be included for the billing.

Why choose AstronEHS for Eligibility Verification Service.

accurate services

High Accuracy

We offer highly accurate verification of the medical insurance claims to the clients and ensure that all the verification we carry out is 97% error-free. We help clients expedite the RCM for the quick progress of claims.

full compliance

Full Compliance

We cater to reaching a niche segment by adhering to rigid documentation protocols to meet HIPAA compliance.

extensive training

Extensive Training

We provide regular training to help the team get acquainted with new technology and stay updated. Also, we work closely with multiple tools and technology depending on the client’s preference.

turnaround time

Quick Turnaround Time

Delays in Insurance verification inhibit the overall claim reimbursement process; for that reason, we offer a quick verification service ensuring timely reimbursement without any delays or denials.

technology capabilities

Ideal Technology Capabilities

We opt for high-end technology to reduce your costs, generate new leads and attain a higher level of accuracy and diligence in our service. We work very closely with advanced technology, depending on your preference.

cost effective

Cost-effective Rates

We offer the best quality services at the highest cost-effective rates, which helps you to save huge on overhead costs.

Benefits of Insurance Verification Service

The insurance eligibility verification service is one of the biggest questions for most healthcare professionals. Verifying medical insurance eligibility is of utmost essential as it directly affects the cash flow of these organisations.

1. Improve Cash Flow

Whenever there is access to updated eligibility data, the chance of getting the claim quickly accepted and processed is also high. This help in maintaining a continuous cash flow into your practice by reducing denials and writeoff and increasing patient satisfaction.

cashflow management

2. Streamline Workflow

Response to eligibility is consistently and concisely viewed, improving the process’s overall efficiency. A consistent and streamlined process approach will lead to superior patient experience and fewer denials.

streamline workflow

3. Boost Revenue

With advanced technology managed by medical databases, healthcare providers can get additional reimbursement opportunities. This also helps identify patients who unknowingly have coverage, reclassifying them and submitting their claims, freeing self-pay patients from the financial burden.

revenue boost

4. Reduced Billing errors

Eligibility insurance verification helps ensure patients’ insurance data is accurate and up-to-date. It minimizes the risk of billing errors and claims denials and helps in resulting faster and more efficient reimbursement process.

reduced billing errors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are eligibility and benefit verification important?

The process of confirming a patient’s insurance coverage and figuring out the range of benefits they are entitled to for medical treatments is known as eligibility and benefit verification.

Why is it vital to verify benefits and eligibility?

Verifying eligibility and benefits is essential to guarantee proper invoicing, avoid claim denials, and lower financial risks for patients and healthcare providers.

How are benefits and eligibility verification carried out?

To get up-to-date information regarding a patient’s coverage and benefits, eligibility and benefit verification is normally done by contacting the patient’s insurance provider or via an online portal.

Eligibility and benefit verification should be done when?

The best practice is to conduct eligibility and benefit verification before every patient engagement, including walk-ins and planned visits. The best practice is to verify insurance information at least 24 to 48 hours before the appointment.

What procedures are used for eligibility and benefit verification?

The insurance provider can be contacted via phone, online portals, or third-party eligibility verification services can all be used to confirm eligibility. Providers can also interface their electronic health record (EHR) systems with insurance databases for real-time verification.

What details are required for benefit and eligibility verification?

Normal requirements for verification include the patient’s full name, date of birth, insurance ID number, group number, and the name of the principal insured. Moreover, the time of prayer or appointment is crucial for checking coverage validity.

Tools & Softwares We work on

We use advanced tools and software created specifically for dentistry businesses to improve revenue and streamline your billing process. We guarantee seamless and accurate claims submission, insurance verification, and payment processing by utilizing cutting-edge billing and coding tools and industry-leading dental practice management software. Your dental practice's efficiency and financial performance will increase thanks to our knowledge and technology.

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Our Comparisson

We advise assessing your precise needs, doing extensive research, and potentially even testing demonstrations or trial versions to determine which billing solution best corresponds with your company's aims and objectives. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further details or clarifications along this process. We are here to help you at every stage!

Benefits Others
1. Our verification procedure is effective, and we work hard to quickly provide the information you require so you can plan and deliver care without wasting time.
2. We use cutting-edge technology and real-time data to guarantee that you obtain the most up-to-date information on patients' coverage and benefits.
3. If necessary, we also check the existence of supplemental and tertiary insurance coverage and primary insurance. This ensures you can maximize compensation and helps you comprehend the entire scope of a patient's benefits.
4. Our service goes beyond simply verifying benefits eligibility. We also provide insurance-finding services for uninsured patients or pay for their care, allowing you to grow your patient base and potential revenue streams.

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