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Increasing the Efficiency of Your Revenue Management

As healthcare revenue management experts, we provide complete billing solutions geared precisely to the needs of SNFs. Our knowledgeable billing staff is well-versed in the complexities of SNF billing, including complex coding, documentation requirements, and payer rules. We can assist you understand the difficulties of SNF billing while maximizing your reimbursements thanks to our extensive industry knowledge.

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Skilled Nursing Facilities Billing Services We Offer

We provide comprehensive solutions to improve revenue cycles and financial operations for skilled nursing facilities as a top provider of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) Billing Services. Our specialised SNF billing services provide prompt reimbursement and efficient billing procedures while catering to the particular needs of long-term care providers.

medicare billing

Medicare and Medicaid Billing

Our knowledgeable team understands Medicare and Medicaid billing policies for skilled nursing homes. To maintain compliance with government payers, we handle the submission, verification, and payment processing of claims.

private insurance claims

Management of Private Insurance Claims

We oversee the invoicing and filing of claims for clients with private insurance. For quick refunds, our team confirms coverage and assures appropriate billing.

patients billing

Patients Billing and Standard

We handle patient billing and statement generation, and we give residents and their families detailed invoices that are easy to understand. Our patient-centred approach enhances the billing process and promotes prompt collections.

RUG-IV coding

Expertise in RUG-IV Coding

We are experts in RUG-IV coding, correctly classifying patients according to their resource consumption categories. For skilled nursing institutions to receive the proper compensation, proper RUG-IV coding is essential.


Medicare Part A and Part B Billing

Our billing services cover both Medicare Part A and Part B billing procedures, ensuring that all qualifying treatments are appropriately classified and paid for the highest possible compensation.

data set

Coordination and Submission of the Minimum Data Set (MDS)

We assist with MDS coordination and submission. Our team works with facility employees to achieve accurate MDS assessments, directly impacting reimbursement rates.

denial management

Denial Management and Appeals

We attentively handle the appeals procedure if a claim is denied. To ensure the facility recovers the most money possible, our team pinpoints the main reasons, collects the required information, and pursues appeals.

financial reporting

Financial Reporting and Analytics

We offer thorough financial reports and analytics that give skilled nursing homes insightful information about their financial performance. Making informed business decisions and spotting trends are all made more accessible by these reports.

data security

HIPAA-Compliant Data Security

Data security that complies with HIPAA regulations is critical to us. Our billing procedures accept entirely by HIPAA rules, protecting the protection and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Why choose AstronEHS For Skilled Nursing Facilities Billing Service

There are several compelling reasons to select us as your chosen partner for your billing needs when it comes to Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) billing. We are the best option because of the following main reasons:

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SNF billing expertise

Our staff is made up of knowledgeable billing professionals with a wealth of experience navigating the complexities of SNF billing. We are well knowledgeable about the particular demands and difficulties of SNF billing, assuring accurate coding, prompt claims submission, and effective revenue generation.

personalized solutions

Personalized Solutions for Your Facility

We are aware that every SNF is different and that there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Our billing service is designed to work in harmony with your facility’s workflows and unique billing needs. This tailored approach guarantees a seamless interface with your current systems, increasing efficiency.

revenue growth

Increased Revenue and Decreased Rejections

We take a proactive approach to revenue cycle management to unlock your facility’s full financial potential. We ensure that you obtain fair compensation for the services rendered, which improves financial outcomes, by carefully monitoring claims, avoiding denials, and swiftly completing appeals.

compliance assurance

Compliance and Regulatory Assurance

It’s critical for SNF billing to adhere to intricate healthcare rules. As your billing partner, we place a high priority on following HIPAA principles, payer criteria, and coding standards. You can be confident that the billing procedures used by your facility adhere to morally and legally acceptable norms.


Communication and Transparency

We promote a transparent and open relationship with our clients. We give frequent updates, thorough reports, and financial performance analysis of your facility throughout the billing process. You can make wise decisions and have a comprehensive grasp of the revenue cycle at your site thanks to this openness.


Focus on Resident Care

By giving us responsibility for your SNF billing, your facility’s team is free to concentrate on what’s most important—providing high-quality care for your residents. You can focus your efforts on resident care and other important operational elements while we take care of the billing details with the help of our dependable billing service.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Astron EHS Skilled Nursing Facilities Billing Services

Outsourcing Nursing Facilities with Skill A variety of noteworthy advantages provided by billing services can improve your skilled nursing facility’s financial stability and operational effectiveness. The following are some significant benefits of outsourcing this crucial task:

1. Knowledge of Skilled Care Billing

The billing process for skilled care facilities is intricate and continually changing, necessitating specialised training and experience. You can access a team of experts familiar with the nuances of professional nursing billing by outsourcing to a reliable billing service provider. Accurate coding, prompt claims submission, and effective revenue cycle management are all guaranteed by their experience.

expert medical billing team

2. Maximized revenue Generation

A skilled nursing billing service is focused on maximizing income generation for your facility. They carefully manage claims, prevent denials, and process appeals, reducing claim rejections and delays. Outsourcing improves your facility’s financial stability and bottom line by increasing reimbursement and guaranteeing adequate payment for services delivered.

faster reimbursement in medical billing

3. Efficiency and Cost Savings

Outsourcing skilled nursing billing can result in significant cost savings compared to in-house billing departments. The service provider invests in the most up-to-date billing software and hardware, saving you the expense of making similar investments. Their effective procedures and committed staff also facilitate quicker claims processing, which cuts down on the time and resources required for billing responsibilities.

medical RCM

4. Regulation and Compliance

Complex rules and coding requirements must be followed when charging skilled nursing facilities. Outsourcing to a billing service provider ensures compliance with these dynamic criteria. The danger of non-compliance and related financial penalties for your facility are decreased since they keep up with industry standards.

hippa compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways might an SNF billing solution help me manage my revenue cycle better?

Your revenue cycle management will be considerably improved by an SNF billing service if: reducing claim rejections and denials through thorough coding and verification procedures. increasing the speed of claim filing, which will result in quicker reimbursements. reducing billing mistakes, which can result in payment delays and lost revenue. handling follow-ups and collections for unpaid claims to enhance cash flow.

If I outsource my billing to a third-party business, will I no longer have control over it?

You will maintain control of your billing procedure, I assure you. Reputable SNF billing systems cooperate with your institution and offer frequent updates on the progress of claims and payments.

How do SNF billing services respond to changes in compliance and legislation?

SNF billing services keep up with the most recent industry rules, such as those set forth by Medicare and Medicaid. They modify their procedures and software to consider any modifications, ensuring that the billing for your facility continues to follow current regulations.

Can the billing service deal with several types of payers, such as Medicare and Medicaid?

Yes, a trustworthy SNF billing service is prepared to deal with various payer sources, such as Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and managed care organizations. They have the knowledge to handle the intricate requirements for billing each payer.

How can the billing service help with benefits and eligibility management for patients?

The billing service checks with insurance companies in real-time to confirm patient eligibility and benefits. With this procedure, you can confidently engage with residents and their families about billing issues with confidence in knowing the patient’s coverage details and financial obligations.

How does the billing service manage appeals for rejected claims?

The billing service looks into the reason a claim was rejected and takes immediate action to fix any problems. They take the proper actions to appeal refused claims, offering further information and proof to support the claim’s legitimacy. This increases the likelihood of successful claim resolutions.

Tools Softwares We work on

We use advanced tools and software created specifically for dentistry businesses to improve revenue and streamline your billing process. We guarantee seamless and accurate claims submission, insurance verification, and payment processing by utilizing cutting-edge billing and coding tools and industry-leading dental practice management software. Your dental practice's efficiency and financial performance will increase thanks to our knowledge and technology.

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Our Comparison

We advise assessing your precise needs, doing extensive research, and potentially even testing demonstrations or trial versions to determine which billing solution best corresponds with your company's aims and objectives. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further details or clarifications along this process. We are here to help you at every stage!

Benefits Others
1. Since our billing service only deals with skilled nursing facilities, we have an extensive understanding of the particular billing rules and laws that apply to this industry. Our billing procedures are accurate and compliant, thanks to this specialization.
2. Our team is experienced billing experts with a track record of managing SNF billing. We know the intricacies of billing for Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, optimizing your reimbursements and lowering claim denials.
3. We use cutting-edge billing software designed for SNF billing requirements. Our system speeds up the billing cycle, eliminates errors, and automates repetitive activities, leading to quicker payments and better cash flow.
4. We provide each client with individualized care, unlike larger billing organizations. You'll have a dedicated account manager who is familiar with the particular requirements of your institution and is available to answer your questions.

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