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Medical & Dental Billing

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Founded with an objective of creating a positive RCM Service environment and building a transparent relation between Dental - Medical facilities and Dental - Medical support services providers, Astron EHS is an emerging RCM Services Dental/Medical hospitals and groups. By virtue of the robust team and firm organizational values, we have been serving to the Dental/Medical centers/institutes/hospitals across the USA uninterruptedly. Excellence, experience, dedication, and sustainability are values we have built this organization on.

Our services are flexible, our perspective is client driven and our solutions are tailor made exclusively for each client.

Why Choose Us?

Why would any Dental facility/institute/centre spend money and time in doing something they are not good at? It is not a doctor’s job to check if the insurance claim is made right, or if the claim is settled and expenses are paid.

Astron EHS has a well-trained, experienced staff to take care of all the paperwork and legal formalities.

We strive to make a productive and future-proof contribution to your business through our market-leading services and products. We keep updating our knowledge base.

We believe in sustainable growth and social commitment.

Choosing Astron EHS

Our Services

Our market-leading RCM Services, Dental Billing and Medical Billing Support are quality driven and client-oriented. We cater to your needs with a customized approach; hence you get the best you deserve. Our solutions include:

  • We manage the collected data for every service-availing patient. This data is stored in software to avoid errors and delays

Fee Schedule Maintenance
  • Right from PPO Fee, UCR Fee, HMO/ DMO Fee & Specialty Fee we handle and manage everything with the help of the best professionals in the market.

Credentialing &
  • Credentialization is a complicated and time-consuming task which might distract the doctors
    from their primary job. Hence, we do the needful on your behalf.

Eligibility & Benefit
  • It is crucial for the insurance company to check if the claimed insurance is payable, authorized, legit and genuine. We do the needful to make sure you get the claim approved.

  • Astron EHS Services deals with multiple operations to support medical centres, Payment Posting is one of them. We handle your payment flow with the help of innovative technologies like Lockbox and SFTP.
    We deal with scanned EOBs and checks.

Revenue Cycle Management
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an end-to-end financial process in itself. With the help of upgraded dental billing software, Aston EHS keeps a track of each patient care stage, right from registration and scheduling appointments to the final payment of the total dental expenses.

Advantages of Working With Astron EHS

We have sustained being the best in the business because we don't just provide Quality Services but accompaniments such as :

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