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At Astron EHS, we take satisfaction in providing hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, and medical billing businesses with thorough and dependable medical coding services. We guarantee accurate and compliant coding procedures that maximize income and simplify the billing process for our esteemed clients with a staff of highly qualified and certified coding professionals.

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Medical Coding Services We Offer

Errors in medical coding not only result in severe penalties but also in unjustified compliance concerns. We are aware of the crucial part that medical coding plays in the healthcare sector, and our strategy is specifically designed to address the demands and difficulties that healthcare organizations encounter. Our staff of educated and certified coding specialists offers prompt, efficient, and high-quality services such as –

medical coding

Medical Coding Services at HCC

Translate patient histories, diagnoses, symptoms, and recommended treatment choices into HCC-compliant codes.

risk management

Risk Management HCC Coding Providers

With our healthcare coding solutions, you may meet commercial risk adjustment paperwork requirements and forecast healthcare expenditures to estimate cash flow.


Auditing of Medical Coding Services

With our coding audit services, we will examine your medical coding methods and audit patient medical records to determine the efficacy and reliability of your process.

Why choose AstronEHS For Medical Coding

Astron EHS Medical Coding Service will help you to avail a series of benefits, such as low costs, decreased claim denials, and increased revenues, as we follow the specified Medical Coding guidelines of the industry to ensure a smooth and hassle-free claim submission. Our wide range of medical coding solutions covers more than just quick and accurate coding. Some of the unique advantages of selecting us are –

compliance with hippa

Compliance with HIPAA

We provide medical coding services and adhere to HIPAA regulations. This guarantees that all your patient data is secure and unaffected by data breaches.

data security

Secure Data

Sensitive patient data is included in healthcare data. To guarantee comprehensive healthcare data confidentiality, we employ secure systems, sign non-disclosure agreements, and adhere to strict data security procedures.

trained team

Certified and Trained Team

Before working on actual projects, our medical coders receive training and certification. This guarantees that every surgery and therapy is correctly coded.

medical coding

Modern software and tools for coding

Utilize cutting-edge coding software to ensure precise medical coding. This minimizes claim denials and delays in the processing of claims.

medical coding

Affordable Prices

Along with assisting you in saving over 60% on running expenses, we offer project-based pricing, which limits your spending to what you need.

accurate posting

Accuracy and Compliant Coding

Stress your dedication to correctness and adherence to all pertinent coding standards and norms, like preventing claim denials and lowering the possibility of audits or legal problems depending on accurate coding.

time turnaround

Efficient Turnaround Time

If your business can complete coding tasks in a short amount of time without sacrificing accuracy, emphasize this as a differentiator. The billing and reimbursement procedure for healthcare providers can be speed up with on-time code submission with the help of the Astron EHS team.

medical coding

Continuous Quality Improvement

Demonstrate your organization’s dedication to improving coding efficiency and accuracy over time, keeping abreast of market developments, and conforming to new coding standards and regulations.

medical coding

Expertise and Experience

Highlight your team’s qualifications for medical coding work. Include any credentials, ongoing training, and the duration of any field experience your team members have. Clients can gain trust by seeing a track record of practical coding tasks.

Astron EHS Approach To Deliver Healthcare Coding Service

Our goal as a provider of healthcare coding services is to guarantee accurate, compliant, and practical coding for healthcare providers so they can focus on providing high-quality patient care and maximize revenue cycles. We are dedicated to being a trusted partner in your healthcare coding journey with a staff of knowledgeable and qualified coding professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

1. Skilled coding team

Our strategy starts with assembling a group of knowledgeable and credentialed coders. Our coders have an in-depth understanding of regulatory regulations, coding standards, and medical terminology. Their breadth of knowledge in the medical field ensures precise and specialized coding for a range of healthcare services.

expert medical billing team

2. Focus on Compliance and Quality

We prioritize adherence to all coding rules and specifications, including those provided by HIPAA, CMS, and other pertinent authorities. Each coding assignment goes through a comprehensive review as part of our strict quality assurance procedure to maintain the highest accuracy and industry compliance.

hippa compliance

3. Modern Tools and Technology

Medical coding efficiency and accuracy are greatly aided by technology. We use state-of-the-art coding tools and software to speed up the coding process, reduce the turnaround time, and lower the chance of errors. Our infrastructure is built to securely and effectively manage heavy coding assignments.

modern medical coding

4. Continuous Training & Support

The healthcare sector is dynamic, and coding standards and laws constantly change. Our coders participate in ongoing education and training programs to stay abreast of the most recent developments, guaranteeing that our clients obtain coding services that adhere to the most recent standards.

training and support

5. Security and Confidentiality of Data

We place the highest priority on the security and privacy of patient data. Our robust data security procedures, which include encryption and limited access controls, preserve private patient data and guarantee HIPAA compliance.

data security medical billing

6. Transparent & Timely Reporting

With our clients, we value honest and open communication. Regular reporting offers information on code patterns, rejections, and areas for development. Our team is available to respond quickly to any questions or issues.

24x7 communication

Frequently Asked Questions

How can medical coding increase billing accuracy for healthcare?

Medical coding offers a consistent approach for recording and classifying medical treatments, eliminating any room for doubt and guaranteeing proper invoicing. Medical coders assist healthcare professionals in effectively billing by assigning precise codes to diagnoses and procedures, avoiding under- or over-coding that might result in claim rejections or financial penalties.

What are the advantages of contracting out medical coding work?

There are various benefits to outsourcing medical coding, including: Access to specialized knowledge: Outsourced coders are knowledgeable about many coding systems and have a lot of coding experience, so their work is accurate and compliant. Cost-effectiveness: By outsourcing, you can avoid the overhead expenditures and in-house training that come with hiring full-time developers. Concentrate on essential tasks: Healthcare professionals can focus on patient care while delegating their coding duties.

How do you guarantee code conformity with evolving rules?

The most recent coding standards, such as ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes, are always being used by our medical coding service. We regularly train our coders to comply with changing healthcare standards, lowering the possibility of claim denials and audit fines.

How safe is patient information when it is being coded?

Protecting patient data is one of our top priorities. To protect patient information while it is being coded, we strictly abide by HIPAA regulations and put in place strong security measures. Data confidentiality is ensured by the strict privacy rules that our staff observes.

Can you code for a wide range of medical specialities?

Yes, a variety of medical disciplines, including but not limited to cardiology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, oncology, and more, are covered by our coding service. Our skilled coders have experience in several medical specialities, enabling us to serve a variety of healthcare providers.

Tools Softwares We work on

We use advanced tools and software created specifically for dentistry businesses to improve revenue and streamline your billing process. We guarantee seamless and accurate claims submission, insurance verification, and payment processing by utilizing cutting-edge billing and coding tools and industry-leading dental practice management software. Your dental practice's efficiency and financial performance will increase thanks to our knowledge and technology.

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Our Comparisson

We advise assessing your precise needs, doing extensive research, and potentially even testing demonstrations or trial versions to determine which billing solution best corresponds with your company's aims and objectives. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further details or clarifications along this process. We are here to help you at every stage!

Benefits Others
1. To speed up and increase productivity, our coding service is supported by cutting-edge technology, including sophisticated coding software and tools.
2. We can handle all facets of your medical billing and coding requirements because we offer diagnostic (ICD-10-CM) and procedural (CPT/HCPCS) coding services.
3. Our medical coding service covers numerous medical specializations and subspecialties. We have the knowledge to handle your coding needs, whether you are a general practitioner or a specialist healthcare provider.
4. Accuracy and compliance are priorities for our coding service. We conduct routine audits to find and fix any coding issues, ensuring that your claims are accurate and compatible with industry standards.
5. We recognize the significance of accurate coding and billing. Our quick delivery of coding results and skilled staff enable us to shorten the time it takes for you to submit a claim.

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