Payment Posting Services: Insurance & Patient 

Payment Posting services can be called a mirror to the financial health of your revenue cycle management (RCM). It essentially involves posting payments and deposit functions and reconciling them with the claims. Being an integral process, it poses a serious challenge to physicians. And impacts not only the functions of the practice but also patient satisfaction. 

Payment Posting services provide a clear insight into the revenue stream and an opportunity to study the trends of Accounts Receivables for analytics. And making it all the more vital to ensure efficiency.  

Payment Posting Services – We can help you with 

  • Payments, in lieu of medical services providers, are received from payors and patients.  We handle the posting of both. 
  • Posting of co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs of patients  as well as payments of non-covered services paid either via card, cash, or checks
  • Processing ERAs received from the payors or manually scanned  EOBs to post them in patient accounts 
  • Claims denied by the payors are reported in the system for the denial management team to access, rework and resubmit the same. 
  • Processing write-offs and adjustments based on specified rules, and transferring the balance to secondary insurances if required and applicable. 


Benefits of Choosing Payment Posting Services From Astron EHS 

  • High-quality services with accuracy and responsive delivery – Reduced turnaround time 

  • Periodically reporting of payment posting in medical billing for evaluation 

  • Analysis of denial trends, cases requiring prior authorization, coverage, and typical payment processing time of payors to make data-driven decisions in the future.

  • We report any unusual contractual adjustments or write-offs to providers – 100% HIPAA-compliant expert services trained in payor-specific processes.


Get payment posting services that can adapt to your growing practice!