Eligibility Verification Services

For optimized healthcare revenue cycle management, it is advisable that providers verify the eligibility verification and benefits of the patient before their visit. This step is crucial to receive payments from the payor without delay, save the hassle of rework and ensure patient satisfaction.

Since many healthcare organizations neglect medical insurance verification, most claims get denied because the patient was not eligible for the treatment or services delivered.

Medical Eligibility Verification Services – We can help you with

  • We maintain a consistent and accurate verification process to ensure there are no surprises.
  • The patient’s eligibility and benefits are subject to change. We keep the system routinely updated for the same.
  • Advance insurance verification of your patients.
  • On-demand insurance and eligibility verification services for walk-ins.
  • Entry of patient demographics information in your system.
  • Verification of the validity of coverage and benefits from the patient’s primary and secondary payors.
  • Updating patients’ co-pay, deductible, and co-insurance in your system. ∙ Prior authorization services when required.

Benefits of Choosing Eligibility Verification Services From Astron EHS

  • Our team of experts accelerates the payments of your accounts receivables and prevents payor delays or denials.
  • We stay on top of your patient schedule.
  • We undertake every patient’s insurance verification before every visit to ensure there is no change in carriers, eligibility, or benefits.
  • Certain procedures may require prior authorization. In such cases, upon request, we extend our services beyond verification.
  • Our services are charged based on the size of your practice, making it affordable, cost-effective, and flexible in uncertain times.
  • Providers can improve the speed of care delivery and increase revenue.
  • Working with Astron EHS, you can be assured of an error-free insurance verification process. Witness increased patient satisfaction and revenue while minimizing any chances of claim rejections.