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Join the team of best medical billers, medical coders, dental billers & dental coders in the US. Be one of 200+ expert billers of Astron EHS. We care about the wellbeing of our employees and strive hard to provide a positive work environment and amenities that encourage our team members to give their all. The doors of flexibility and freedom were opened by Astron EHS. Astron EHS is the place to be if you are vivacious, a go-getter, and eager to seize chances as they present themselves. Your playground can be Astron EHS, where aspirations come true, concepts are developed into new products, and accomplishments are honoured.

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    Join team of exceptional team of biller and coders at Astron EHS, today, a leading provider of Dental RCM Services in the United States.

    Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (AR/AP) Process
    Dental Accounts Receivables Services

    Being a dental practice, you need a positive ledger to take a long leap. Astron EHS helps you in meeting cash flow goals by effectively taking care of Account Receivables when it comes to insurance claims. Our Account Receivables services assure you of the payments from the patient’s insurance in a shorter time.

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    Reason to outsource Credential Services - Astronehs
    Credentialing & Re-credentialing Services

    Credentialing & re-credentialing services are integral components of practice management. They review programs that verify and assure the current competence of the practitioner. This verification and validation of the skills as well as the license of the provider requires a lot of paperwork and can be quite confusing. Having dedicated in-house staff for this can be quite expensive and may hamper your productivity in the process. Astron EHS provides trustworthy, timely, and precise credentialing and re-credentialing services for providers.

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    Leading Dental Coding and Billing Services in US -Astron EHS
    Dental Coding Services

    Enhance the percentage of clean claims, as well as reimbursement and data reporting. Speak with One of Our Professionals Now! Coding services that guarantee precision and the desired results. Join our community and you may start making savings right away!

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    Benefits of hiring accurate document indexing services for your business
    Document Indexing Services

    Outsourcing document indexing services to Astron EHS gives you the advantage of a fully HIPAA-compliant and professional workforce who handles document indexing services for your practice. By digitization, scanning, and document indexing the health records using the latest software, any damage by natural causes is also prevented. We streamline the process and organize and store the data efficiently in such a way that your staff can access those easily as per their requirement.

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    Customer Eligibility and Benefit Verification Discussion
    Eligibility & Benefit Verification Services

    Our end-to-end medical eligibility verification services help get more money from patients and keep accounts from getting old and being impossible to get money from. We have also worked with general dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, and paediatric dentists to check their patients’ eligibility for dental care.

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    Dental Fee Schedule Maintenance Services -Astronehs
    Fee Schedule Maintenance Service

    A Fee Schedule Maintenance service is the list of negotiated amounts that the payor will pay to the providers for the rendered service. There are many types of fee schedules such as; Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial PPO, HMO, Employer Fee, Specialty Fee, etc. The structure and codes differ for each type. It is also no surprise that payers keep changing their allowable amounts many times during the year. It is tiresome to stay on top of these changes while focusing on the most important part of healthcare – the treatment.

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    Outsource Payment Posting Services for Dental Billing
    Dental Payment Posting Services

    One of the final and key processes in RCM service is Payment Posting Services and it is a service that optimizes the entire revenue cycle. The accuracy in payment posting services techniques makes sure any denials and delays can be handled swiftly. Once the claim is finalized it will be paid or denied along with an EOB. The EOB will have all necessary explanations for the payment or denial. Opting for Astron EHS’ payment posting services is the ideal solution to manage the time-sensitive and time-consuming task of payment posting services.

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    What is Revenue Cycle Management
    Dental Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Smoother the administration, better the patient experience and revenue generation. Revenue Cycle is an end-to-end financial process that comprises multiple and complex tasks right from patient registration to payment posting. It is undoubtedly a critical operation that requires constant attention, industry expertise, and due diligence. If you fall short of trained individuals in your team or find it difficult to handle the mammoth paperwork and tasks, it is best to outsource to a leading and reputed revenue cycle management company – Astron EHS.

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    What is Dental Denial Analysis
    Dental Denial Analysis

    By outsourcing dental billing denial analysis to Astron EHS, businesses can effectively file insurance claims and obtain compensation. Our denial analysts understand healthcare denial management concerns and help organisations benefit from denial analysis.

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    Users Question & Answer :

    Claims for dental insurance typically include multiple stages, such as supervision and coding. When compared to medical billing, dental insurance claims typically need a bit more work because dental office staff members do not routinely deal with them.

    Dental billing involves all aspects of submitting finished treatment to an insurance company for reimbursement in accordance with the patient’s insurance policy. This begins with ensuring that the correct CDT codes are included on the claim and concludes with insurance company payment.

    When you outsource dental billing, you save money on hiring, staffing, and training resources for the whole billing process, since your billing partner will take care of it with more expertise and experience.

    When compared to hiring multiple employees and buying expensive equipment, outsourcing is often cheaper and can free up resources for other parts of the business. It can also lead to a new business partner. Many businesses outsource certain tasks to save money.

    The medical billing services provided by Astron EHS are excellent. Astron EHS medical billing services have been a fantastic fit for my little part-time private practise. Astron EHS’s medical billing service offered experienced advice and help in a very personal and timely manner.

    – Dr. Kelly S. Oggero ( Clutch )

    Mark, you’ve been a pleasure to work with. Thank you incredibly much. You “the team” have been a pleasure to work with; we overcame obstacles in the beginning, and the results are impressive. Everyone gives each other high fives.

    – Dr. Miller ( Goodfirms )

    Astron EHS stood out among the other dental billing insurances because there would be accountability. We had one point of contact for all claims and follow-ups, and we knew that person would handle everything for us.

    – Dr. Savio ( Google )

    Every day, they’re there, allowing our front desk and front management to do what they do best. And Astron EHS excels at what it does.

    – Dr. Scott Dudley ( Clutch )

    Astron EHS is a well-known group of medical billing and medical coding. Any project you work on with the Astron EHS Team results in elegant code and unmatched support, turning you into a true partner.

    – Dr. Watson ( Clutch )