Payment Posting

Insurance Payment

Astron EHS will post the insurance in the Ledger as per the instructions of the AR Manager. Astron EHS will collect the payment information from the various sources. However, the offices will inform Astron EHS about the availability of the payment and the related documents. Those sources are:

  • Lock Box
  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  • Insurance website
  • Scanned EOBs and Checks mailed by the offices

As per the guideline defined by the AR manager, Astron EHS will write-off the payment in the Ledger.


Astron EHS will follow the timeline, defined by the AR manager, to post the payment as it is very necessary to have crystal clear understanding about the DOD (Date of Deposit) and the Closer time-table (usually happens at the end or beginning of the month).


Astron EHS will share the Run-Tape (spreadsheet which contains the summary report of the payments) with the AR manager on daily basis. In the same report, Astron EHS will also highlight the payments, which were not posted due to certain discrepancies or needs the immediate attention of the AR manager.

As per the closer time-table, Astron EHS will share the Monthly Report with the AR manager.

Credit Card Payment

Following the instructions of the AR manager, Astron EHS will also post the payments which were made from the Credit Cards by the patients. In order to prevent the fraudulent and misuse of the financial data, AAstron EHS assures the full confidentiality and security of the following information:

  • Credit Card detail
  • Bank account detail
  • Website credential
  • PHI (Patient Health Information) detail
  • Check and Payment detail