Payment Posting

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Payment Posting

Payment Posting

One of the final and key processes in RCM service is payment posting and it a service that optimizes the entire revenue cycle. The accuracy in payment posting methods makes sure any denials and delays can be handled swiftly.

Once the claim is finalized it will be paid or denied along with an EOB. The EOB will have all necessary explanations for the payment or denial. Opting for Astron EHS’ payment posting services is the ideal solution to manage the time sensitive and time-consuming task of payment posting.

Advantages of our Payment Posting service:

• Dedicated payment posting team with relevant experience to understand and interpret payer remittance and explanations.
• We analyze underpayments, denials and overpayments if any.
• Both insurance and patient payments are recorded to generate correct patient statement.
• Our methods provide accuracy and cost efficiency.

Our Payment Posting service includes:

• EOB analysis and identification of percentage of insurance receivables, frequency of inflows, denials, etc.
• Denial management.
• Prompt and accurate payment posting.
• Immediate action in case of incorrect insurance payment.
• Identification and analysis of larger payment patterns that can help solve payer issues.
• Real time tracking of cash inflow and accounts receivable.

Our Services

Our market-leading, medical support solutions are quality driven and client-oriented. We cater to your needs with a customized approach; hence you get the best you deserve. Our solutions include:

  • We manage the collected data for every service-availing patient. This data is stored in software to avoid errors and delays

Fee Schedule Maintenance
  • Right from PPO Fee, UCR Fee, HMO/ DMO Fee & Specialty Fee we handle and manage everything with the help of the best professionals in the market.

Credentialing &
  • credentialization is a complicated and time-consuming task which might distract the doctors from their primary job. Hence, we do the needful on your behalf.

Eligibility & Benefit
  • It is crucial for the insurance company to check if the claimed insurance is payable, authorized, legit and genuine. We do the needful to make sure you get the claim approved.

  • We handle the following operations and observe each stage of account receivables carefully to make sure the cash-flow is positive and uninterrupted. Claims Status, Paid Amount and EOB, Reason of Denial and EOB, Missing information and resubmission.

Revenue Cycle Management
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an end-to-end financial process in itself. With the help of upgraded dental billing software, Aston EHS keeps a track of each patient care stage, right from registration and scheduling appointments to the final payment of the total dental expenses.