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Medical Coding Specialities


Medical Coding is an indispensable part that drives your revenue cycle and it’s important for medical coding to be Compliant, Accurate, and Quick. Is your bottom line taking a hit because of inadequate accuracy scores, coding errors, sluggish turnaround time, a growing backlog, staffing shortages, and lack of coding education?

Learn how we can help you Identify these inefficiencies that are slowing down your reimbursement.







Advantages of Outsourcing to
Astron EHS?

Astron EHS has been providing customized Medical Coding Solutions to its global partners for the last two decades processing over 20 thousand charts per month. We at Astron EHS emphasize solutions based on People, Process, Technology, and Cost. Our experienced team of Certified Coders provides you with fast and accurate coding. All through the coding process, our team provides continuous communication to ensure all deadlines are met and bottlenecks are avoided, allowing caregivers to focus on patients rather than back-office tasks.


Quality 01


We work on service levels that deliver over 97% accuracy across all specialties


Experienced Team

Our team comprises over 300 + Certified Medical Coders

Cost saving 03


Save up to 40% on your operating costs


Turnaround Time

Get charts coded within 24 Hours

HIPPA ACompliants 05


100% HIPAA compliant


Flexible Pricing Options

Hire dedicated Resources or Pay per chart

Expert Attention 07

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated Project manager to be deployed on your project.

Medical Coding Specialties

  • HCC CodingHierarchical Condition Categories
  • CPT CodingCurrent Procedural Terminology
  • HCPCS Level 1 & 2 CodingHealthcare Common Procedure Coding System
  • ICD 10 CodingInternational Classification of Diseases
  • Home Health ICD 10 Coding & OASIS Clinical Documentation Review

Our coding capabilities include:

  • Inpatient & Acute Care Facility
  • Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACH)
  • Home Health & Hospice
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Emergency Department
  • Professional Fee E/M Level
  • Same-Day Surgery
  • Urgent Care Centres
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centres