Secondary Claims Submission Services

If a claim is filed but the patient’s primary insurance does not cover the total cost, then a  Secondary Claims Submission Services should be filed as the next step. This is applicable if the patient has valid secondary insurance and the primary insurance has not already passed the claim on your behalf. 

Our Secondary claims submission Services help to recover the remaining balance AR for the treatment delivered. Undoubtedly, it increases the complexities in the process and time taken to recover AR but ensures your revenue is not lost. 

Secondary Claims Submission services – We can help you with 

  • Adding patients’ secondary insurance to their account in your medical billing software∙ Creating and filing a secondary insurance claim
  • Billing – submitting secondary insurance claims electronically or on paper if required along with an attachment of EOB and remittance advice date. 
  • Payment posting

Benefits of Choosing Secondary Claim Submission Services From Astron EHS 

  • Despite being an inconvenience, neglecting secondary insurance submissions for minor claims can add up over time. Outsourcing the tasks to us takes the responsibility off your hands and prevents loss of revenue. 

  • Expert billers ensure more efficient processes for reducing days in AR 

  • We utilize the latest tools and technology for accuracy and streamlining claims submission Services

  • If required and applicable, we even handle tertiary claims submission 

  • Our medical billing services and periodic report generation offer you the perfect  opportunity to improve your RCM 

Get paid for your secondary claims in full. Let us handle who to bill next!