Fee Schedule Maintenance Services

The Fee Schedule Maintenance Services is the list of negotiated amounts that the payor will pay to the providers for the rendered service. There are many types of fee schedules services such as; this Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial PPO, HMO, Employer Fee, Specialty Fee, etc. The structure and codes differ for each type.

It is also no surprise that payors keep changing their allowable amounts many times during the year. It is tiresome to stay on top of these changes while focusing on the most important part of healthcare – the treatment.

Keeping a tab on these updates, adding new editions to your software, or maintaining record tools is essential to avoid miscalculation of charge amount. This tedious and continuously monitored task is performed successfully when outsourced to Astron EHS.

Advantages of Fee Schedule Maintenance Services through us:

  • Practice can correctly calculate the treatment plans and the related cost in accordance with the fee schedule.
  • The impact on accounts receivables and their management can be minimized with an updated fee schedule.
  • We have expert team members who are experienced in obtaining crucial information for fee schedule management.
  • We utilize efficient tools and the latest software to make information easily accessible to you.
  • Provides a clear AR picture.

Our Services

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