Eligibility and Benefit Verification Services

Being a fundamental part of the billing process, insurance eligibility and benefit verification require thorough care and attention. Research shows that most claim denials or payment delays happen due to an incorrect understanding of insurance plan features.

Payors make frequent changes in their policies and fee schedules. It is important to be aware of those changes and reflect the same in the billing software of the practice. Failing to do so might increase claim denials and delay in payment.

Our experienced professionals who are fluent in the particulars of the healthcare industry, such verification tasks are performed in a precise and prompt manner.

Advantages of Our Eligibility and Benefit Verification Services:

  • We maintain a consistent and accurate verification process to ensure there are no surprises.
  • The patient’s eligibility and benefits are subject to change. We keep the system routinely updated for the same.
  • We handle the follow-ups and information retrieval from the payor. This prevents claim denials and loss of revenue.
  • Up-to-date patient information in the system smoothens the treatment planning and promotes a better patient experience.
  • We keep a tab on procedure-specific coverage as well, to make the patient aware of any out-of-pocket costs if to be incurred.

We verify a wide range of information about the policy:

  • Effective Date.
  • Waiting Period.
  • Patient Coverage Details.
  • Frequency Vs History.
  • Deductibles and Co-Pay.
  • Non-covered Procedures.
  • Claims Mailing Address & Payor ID.
  • Pre-Existing Clauses.
  • Referrals & Pre-Authorization, etc.

Working with Astron EHS, you can be assured of an error-free insurance verification process. Witness increased patient satisfaction and revenue while minimizing any chances of claim rejections.