Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Services

The credentialing and provider enrollment services process validates whether a provider meets the standards determined by the payor through verification of documents such as license, education, experience, certifications, training, affiliations, malpractices, history of adverse clinical occurrences, and judgment.

A provider must enroll with insurance providers such as payors, Medicare and Medicaid. It authorizes the provider to deliver services to patients on those payors’ plans and get paid for it.

Payments can get delayed or denied to providers who are not enrolled with the payor.

When do you need Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Services?

  • Starting a new practice.
  • Joining or switching to a new practice group.
  • Becoming affiliated with a new practice.
  • Enrolling with new payors.
  • Maintaining credentialing or re-credentialing.

Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Services – We can help you with:

  • Registration or Renewal with State and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – Provider enrollment and credentialing with commercial payors such as Aetna, Anthem,  Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, BCBS, and more).
  • Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, credentialing and revalidation – Renewals of Licenses, Board Certificate, Malpractice Insurance, etc. – CAQH Attestation.
  • Creating and maintaining practitioner contracts, making additions/deletions in existing contracts, and rate negotiation.
  • PECOS.
  • NPI registration (both Type I and Type II).

Benefits of Choosing Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Services From Astron EHS

  • Get relief from overwhelming paperwork, application filing, and worry of ensuring accuracy as we have professionals to handle all that for you.
  • We collect all the essential data.
  • Our emphasis on detail and experience with specific payor formats saves months of time in credentialing and enrollment services.
  • You get increased patient referrals.
  • Enjoy faster payments from insurance companies.
  • We handle all phone calls and timely follow-ups for you and keep you updated on the progress.
  • Set up contracts and applications with utmost efficiency to ensure you generate maximum revenue.
  • We assign a dedicated manager to handle your tasks and communication. – Deliver increased customer satisfaction by reducing hassle.
  • Reduce turnaround time for approval and payment of claims.
  • We maintain registrations, monitor and maintain credentialing of all physicians in your practice, and update fee schedules regularly in your system. – Our charges are quite affordable and based on the size of your practice. Get customized credentialing and provider enrollment services for faster results!

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