Coding and Charge Entry Services

It is common for providers to witness a significant leakage of revenue due to incorrect Coding and Charge Entry Services. For this reason, charge entry becomes a very crucial aspect of the medical billing cycle. For a practice losing thousands of dollars in denied claims or rejections, improving the charge entry process and its collaboration with the coding team is paramount.

Charge entry Services are the process of associating an appropriate amount to the patient account with respect to the chosen codes and related fee schedules for the medical services performed. The payment and reimbursements to the healthcare provider are dependent on the accuracy of these codes and charge entry services.

Coding and Charge Entry Services – We can help you with

  • Receiving superbills, charge tickets, and associated clinical documents through EHR, FTP  server, or document management system.
  • Gathering and updating patient demographics such as date of services, billing provider,  referring healthcare provider, time of admission, ICD & CPT codes, point of service, etc.
  • Streamlined workflow and timely filing of forms through collaboration with providers and patients.
  • Reviewing charge entries for accuracy of billing.
  • Regular charge entry audits for quality control include identifying missed charges,  coding errors, and overbilling.
  • Working in accordance with provider-specific rules for various specialties.
  • Reducing backlog if any.

Benefits of Choosing Coding and Charge Entry Services From Astron EHS

  • We ensure effective collaboration between the coding team and charge entry team for improved productivity and accuracy of the process.
  • We optimize your revenue cycle and prevent loss.
  • Our expert medical billers reduce the turnaround time of your claims – Trained and updated billing managers to handle complexities of Specialty healthcare charge entry.
  • Reduced claim denials and clearing house rejections.
  • Constant support to your staff to facilitate your focus on treatment delivery Get our expert medical coding and charge entry services for an increase in revenue!