Appointment Scheduling Services

Make your patient experience seamless from the very first interaction through our appointment scheduling services. It can get frustrating for patients if they are put on hold for a long when they call to schedule an appointment or cancel an appointment. However, for the office staff managing a myriad of tasks, this becomes unavoidable.

That is why you should prefer outsourcing to an offsite team dedicated to asking the right questions, registering accurate information in a secure manner, and scheduling appointments efficiently.

Aspects of Appointment Scheduling Services – We Can Help You With

  • Using the provider’s online portal results for scheduling appointments ∙ Ensuring a smooth registration process.
  • Collecting patient demographics is required for insurance verification and prior authorization.
  • Using provider-approved means of communication (messaging service, email, or call) for appointment scheduling, confirming, changing, canceling, or sending reminders to patients.
  • Fixing appointments based on provider’s availability.
  • Sending automated reminders to patients and providers for upcoming appointments.

Benefits of Choosing Appointment Scheduling Services From Astron EHS

  • We ensure HIPAA-compliant and engaging communication through our appointment scheduling services.
  • Never miss a patient reaching out for an appointment. Patients may call after hours to schedule a visit to avoid calling from their workplace. Our service will make it comfortable and convenient for them to do so.
  • Dedicated, courteous, and cost-effective staff available 24*7 – Even if your staff handles the phone calls when the day is too busy and tasks are overwhelming, our team can answer the overflow calls and ensure no call is left unanswered.
  • No shows are reduced. Appointment management is optimized.
  • Since we integrate our services with the provider’s patient scheduling system, it is done in real-time and double bookings are avoided.
  • Your staff will be able to focus more on patient care delivery.
  • Your practice can grow, stay on top of patients and save money at the same time using our affordable appointment scheduling service.