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Medical Billing Specialties


We’ve got you covered – Whether you are a Hospital, Individual Practitioner, Dental Office, Home Health Care Facility, Hospice Agency, Skilled Nursing Facility, or Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).  Our Smart, Simple and Proven approach can maximize your reimbursement and lower your costs.

  • Hospitals/ Institutional Billing
  • Private Practise/ Physician Billing
  • Dental Billing
  • Home Health & Hospice Billing
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities Billing







Hospitals/ Institutional Billing

We are the best remedy to your Medical Billing-related challenges – With our team of Certified & Experienced Billers, we offer a comprehensive range of Institutional Medical Billing Solutions. Our extensive experience in handling UB-04 and 837-I eliminates the possibility of those costly errors that impact the Revenue.



Private Practise/ Physician Billing

Focus more on Patient Care – We’ve freed up thousands of Physicians and their staff to focus more on Patient Care rather than spending their time preparing claims, obtaining insurance eligibility, and following up on claims with insurance carriers. We take pride in our team working diligently on CMS-1500, making it our forte and one of the Niche services that we offer.




Dental Billing

Putting you in the driving seat – Since our inception, we are working as an extension of multiple dental practices offering tailor-made solutions in an extremely cost-effective and efficient manner. We have systematically broken down the billing process and offer flexible solutions to custom-fit your practice needs.




Home Health & Hospice Billing

Stay on Top of Medicare Regulations – Astron EHS has become a Synonym for Managing Billing & Clinical Regulations for Home Health & Hospice. Leverage the benefits of Accelerating Payments, Manage Claim Denials with a Quick Turnaround time, and Monitor Daily Medicare T-Status & ADR.




Skilled Nursing Facilities Billing

Avoid Revenue Leakage – Is your facility struggling with AR Aging Analysis? We understand the Billing complexities of Skilled Nursing Facilities from Patient Posting, Reconciliation, and correctly segregating items covered by Medicare A and Medicare B along with performing post-claim-submission follow-ups to ensure timely repayment of payments by CMS.