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How has COVID-19 Affected The Medical and Dental Billing Sector

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COVID-19 has caused enormous revenue losses and brought about a global recession that will, without a doubt, have an impact on the healthcare industry that will be felt even years later.

The pandemic has led to a colossal recession, with states like Indiana being no exception; it has fostered some of the most major challenges with patient communication that we see today. The recession it has brought, could decidedly affect the health insurance coverage. Not only millions of beneficiaries could become uninsured by the year-end, as a direct result of job loss but millions more could stop using and benefitting from the employer-sponsored insurance coverage. It is this shift in paradigm in the field of insurance coverage that is leading to critical changes in the payer mix and the payer billing tactics.

There’s an increasing demand for high-deductible health plans which has led most care providers to shift their focus towards the various self-pay methods. However, this crisis scenario has encouraged healthcare organizations to start adopting self-pay patient billing methods in order to foster better payments, which means – you would see a lot of pending insurance claims!


The healthcare service providers have now been facing massive pressures to diagnose, then treat, and finally provide follow-up care. For even the best medical and dental billing company in Indiana, amongst other states, things are a bit more difficult, as the government-introduced updates to the codes used in billing would have to be kept track of. As an example, the ICD-10 pandemic-related code which the CDC had initially planned to roll out on October 1, 2020, was brought out online on April 1, 2020. Given that the number of asymptomatic cases were increasing as the virus’ spread was nowhere under control, providers have had to use the code U07.1, 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease, if a patient is diagnosed with COVID-19, since a few months early on.

When it comes to healthcare providers, the primary goal has always been to provide superior patient care. Revenue cycle and billing professionals undoubtedly have their work already cut out for them as we adapt and create strategies to better handle the disruptions caused by the mounting infections of COVID-19. But, the healthcare industry has, in more ways than one, lagged behind in adopting innovative technologies. This pandemic changed that; COVID-19 has made the organizations accept and adapt to the change. While the resurgence from the financial impact of this crisis could take a long time, the healthcare leaders can meanwhile brainstorm over creating new patient-centric strategies that help them rise above the challenges of the pandemic