Document Indexing

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Document Indexing

Document Indexing

Indexing of health records is an essential process that involved organizing and storing of information together such as the patient’s treatment, insurance and other data can be retrieved easily later.

Even with the introduction of EMR system, the regular data entry can be tedious and addition of past records requires a dedicated amount of time and energy.

Outsourcing to Astron EHS gives you the advantage of fully HIPAA compliant and professional workforce who handles document indexing services for your practice. By digitization, scanning and indexing the health records using latest software, any damage by natural causes is also prevented. We streamline the process, organize and store the data efficiently in such a way that your staff can access those easily as per their requirement.

Advantages of Medical Records Indexing or Document Indexing through Us:

• Documents are examined and indexed by experts who are well versed with various terminologies and records of healthcare.
• Effective organization of all the data and patient records.
• 24/7 easy retrieval of information.
• Cost and time saving.
• Gives you more time to focus of patient care.

Our Document Indexing Services Include:

• Patient Records
• Medical Charts
• Clinical History
• Various Reports
• Insurance ID cards
• Provider Notes
• Insurance Bills and related information

With qualified staff managing such complex medical billing tasks, we assure you accuracy and timely delivery of results. Your patient information and data are in safe hands with our dedicated team working to ensure high standards of quality and service.

More of Our Services

Our market-leading RCM Services, Dental Billing and Medical Billing Support are quality driven and client-oriented. We cater to your needs with a customized approach; hence you get the best you deserve. Our solutions include:

  • We handle the following operations and observe each stage of account receivables carefully to make sure the cash-flow is positive and uninterrupted. Claims Status, Paid Amount and EOB, Reason of Denial and EOB, Missing information and resubmission.

Fee Schedule Maintenance
  • Right from PPO Fee, UCR Fee, HMO/ DMO Fee & Specialty Fee we handle and manage everything with the help of the best professionals in the market.

Credentialing &
  • credentialization is a complicated and time-consuming task which might distract the doctors from their primary job. Hence, we do the needful on your behalf.

Eligibility & Benefit
  • It is crucial for the insurance company to check if the claimed insurance is payable, authorized, legit and genuine. We do the needful to make sure you get the claim approved.

  • Astron EHS Services deals with multiple operations to support medical centres, Payment Posting is one of them. We handle your payment flow with the help of innovative technologies like Lockbox and SFTP. We deal with scanned EOBs and checks.

Revenue Cycle Management
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an end-to-end financial process in itself. With the help of upgraded dental billing software, Aston EHS keeps a track of each patient care stage, right from registration and scheduling appointments to the final payment of the total dental expenses.