Account Receivable

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Account Receivable

Chasing insurance companies and patients for payments can badly hamper the productivity of dental offices. But again, the fact is ‘Account Receivable’ needs to be worked out consistently to maintain sustainable growth.

For most of the dental offices, the lack of manpower and proper infrastructure prevent them from staying on the top of the ever-rising account receivable. That’s where Astron EHS steps in, keeping your account receivable consistent and smooth.

There can be many reasons for getting the account receivables disorderly. Take a few of example of them;

  • Patients’ incorrect demographics
  • Lack of motivation/suggestion

Dental offices are clueless to find the true reason (unless they research themselves or dive deep to find the unresolved concerns). The lack of time and right approach can be other reasons behind and that where Astron EHS leads from front, with team of experts and highly qualified professionals.

Unlike other dental billing service provider or consulting, we don’t just train or suggest rather we expertly implement the system, which enhances the revenue collection and improves your financial health. We have a team of experts including dentist and insurance experts who review claims and aide in narratives and suggestions on any complicated clinical situations. We also research open claims and find out the reason for their denial. If required, we resubmit the claims attaching the missing documents.

In short, we monitor your account receivable 24/7; immediately follow up with insurance company and take then necessary and prompt step if required.

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